chevrolet joy hatchback 2023

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chevrolet joy hatchback 2023

It's a compelling choice, but it has a harsh ride that is unsettled on rough pavement. Unfortunately, doing so also raises the Cooper's price significantly, coming very close in price to luxury-branded cars such as the BMW 2-series Gran Coupe and the Mercedes-Benz A-class. The MINI Convertible is a 4-seater vehicle that comes in 3 trim levels. EXTENDED WARRANTY FOR 2 YEARS WITH UNLIMITED KM FOR ENGINE, TRANSMISSION, DIFFERENTIAL, 4X4 AWD, TURBO, TOWING. $4,000 from B.C.’s Go Electric vehicle rebate program. The first generation was developed by GM Korea, based on the GM Theta platform and derived from the S3X concept car revealed in 2004. Although front seats are comfortable, rear passengers may be too cramped for comfort. All vehicles are subject to prior sale. This makes them easy to read at a glance, even when you dim the cluster and display for nighttime driving. LOW KM, Clean Carfax Report, One Owner Vehicle. WebHatchback (B) Onix Joy Origen: Brasil. That said, the naturally aspirated base engine is certainly acceptable – it has comparable power to its competitors, but it's smoother and sounds better. Around the freezing mark with generous use of the heater and cabin pre-heating (I’m always cold), I achieved a range of about 320 kilometres per charge — par for the course with other similar EVs I’ve tested in these conditions. More on that later. Get a great deal on a great car, and all the information you need to make a smart purchase. All reviews. Then again, there are plenty of comparatively priced mainstream sedans that provide more room and features. Note that many fast chargers bill by the minute, so you will be paying full-speed rates for that slow 55-kW charge. There was also just enough headroom. ... 2023 | 0 km Suv Chevrolet Tracker Premier 1.2n Turbo Automático 2023 Mz* 8399999 pesos $ 8.399.999. This Clubman is estimated to deliver 23 MPG in the city and 32 MPG on the highway. The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is an absolute joy to drive and this car can be daily driven as well as used on the track with no issues. Our finance experts answer any questions you may have about financing a vehicle. There's a responsive turbocharged engine with the option for an automatic or manual transmission. It can also be a lot of hard work shifting gears and balancing pedals in a standard car, especially in stop-and-go traffic or on hills. I just go there to look at the, and they have those machines that make you feel like, you walking up steps and so everybody just be facing, stair-stepper person one through ten. !BEST POSSIBLE RATE FOR CREDIT ... AS-TRADED COME VIEW THESE GREAT TRADES BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Notchy, but not burdensome. There’s also plenty of room left up front in the passenger seat after installing a rear-facing child seat in the back. This is called regenerative braking — and using One-Pedal mode, as well as Regen on Demand, allow drivers to control how this process works. ... 2023 | 0 km Suv Chevrolet Tracker Premier 1.2n Turbo Automático 2023 Mz* 8399999 pesos $ 8.399.999. thing, Mr. Charles has to hold the record for saying, single time I come in, which means I probably also, already hold the record for responding, loudly, the, Said it a gazillion times. It has the same eye-catching style as the Mini Hardtop but in a more practical packaging. WebDescubrí el Chevrolet Joy Sedán, ... 2023 joy sedan. Stared at the black tar, his chest like someone blowing up a balloon inside him, then letting the air out, then blowing it back up, then letting the air out. Our first turn behind the wheel of the new Civic, including more in-depth information about its changes, engineering and design. The cold affects how fast the Bolt EUV can charge, and how far it can drive. Pantalla táctil Android, 4 vidrios eléctricos, rines de lujo, cámara de reversa, exploradoras. Now, those on a tighter budget may admittedly not be among them this year as Honda nixed the old LX trim level and jacked up the prices. Your choice between these two models has surprising implications for interior space and cargo volume, with the larger EUV body style offering up the better rear-seat legroom of the pair, but actually less cargo volume and rear headroom than the smaller Bolt EV. ... Joy (1) Publica. The Mini Clubman has the same fun and charm as the smaller Mini, but with more room for passengers and their cargo. Precio de lista a partir de: $3.908.900 ... Realizá el mantenimiento de tu Chevrolet con la garantía y confianza que sólo te pueden brindar los talleres oficiales. My tester ran GM’s hands-free Super Cruise system, using advanced tech and 3D road mapping to enable hands-free driving for extended periods on pre-qualified stretches of divided highway. Front-wheel drive and a continuously variable transmission (CVT) are standard on every Civic sedan, but the Hatchback Sport gets the option of a six-speed manual. I know this all. Adding 100 kilometres of range via fast charging takes as little as 8 to 10 minutes in some EV’s, on the Bolt EV, it takes about 30. This Rio is estimated to deliver 32 MPG in the city and 41 MPG on the highway. It's not as refined as larger Kia models like the Soul and Stinger, but the Rio offers solid build quality and superb value for its ultra-low price. All vehicles come with a new 2 year Motor Vehicle Inspection and f... AS-IS sale - 2004 Subaru Impreza RS at 232,000 KM. Ghost Quotes Showing 1-11 of 11. The steering is precise and consistently weighted, imparting a sense of connection to the driver. Though I wished for a bit more reach from the low-beams, their colour and reach into roadside treelines and culverts impresses. WebThe Chevrolet Captiva is a compact crossover SUV marketed by General Motors under their Chevrolet marque. After dark, the headlights are strong too. The five-door Hardtop costs a bit extra, but we'd stick with the three-door since neither Mini is all that spacious. Autos Nuevos. Compared to a similarly sized compact crossover, it’s a much smoother, quieter, more refined, upscale, and responsive driving experience free of any vibration or shifting. Also, the Spark has less cargo space than the Versa or Accent. If you’ll commonly drive on smooth roads, you’ll be having a great time. The EX and Touring sedans, plus the EX-L and Sport Touring hatchbacks get a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-four that produces 180 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque. Driving a car with manual transmission is a skill you need to learn and practice to make your drives smooth. Those figures are rated in ideal conditions, which wasn’t the case for my chilly late-November test week, when temperatures affected the range and charging times of the vehicle but also revealed a few benefits of electric cold-weather motoring too. I blame the high seating position, not the roofline. That’s right, we found the sedan could hold more luggage than the hatchback despite having less cargo volume on paper: 14.8 versus 24.5. That's okay, though, because you don't buy a cute little convertible for its practicality. No. FAST EASY APPROVALS!! Though I wished for a bit more reach from the low-beams, their colour and reach into roadside treelines and culverts impresses. Every Civic comes standard with forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control with steering assistance and stop-and-go capability. WebFull listing of Used Automatic cars and trucks at the best prices from trusted dealers and private sellers on Kijiji Autos. The heated rear seats provide generous legroom for adult passengers and two charge ports at the ready, though headroom will tighten very quickly for occupants taller than about 5’10. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }. Still, when you consider just how much car you’re getting for your money, the Civic still offers tremendous value given its mix of space, equipment, refinement, performance, fuel economy, safety … we could go on. FOR ONLY $250. How does the cold affect the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV’s charging? Listen to an excerpt from GHOST by Jason Reynolds … But I love the hero even more. This A-Class is estimated to deliver 25 MPG in the city and 35 MPG on the highway. The more powerful 2.0-liter engine in the Cooper S is rated slightly lower by the EPA, with automatic models earning ratings as high as 28 mpg city and 38 mpg highway and manual models earning ratings of 23 mpg city and 33 mpg highway. The base-level BMW X1 matches up on horsepower and has a richer interior at a higher price. On a Level 3 charger, I have found charging rates to be affected even less by the cold. Its 398-kilometre advertised range relates to driving in ideal conditions at room temperature, unlike the weather for most of my test week. Microsoft is not pulling its punches with UK regulators. WebResearch the 2023 Toyota Corolla Hatchback with our expert reviews and ratings. Lift off the accelerator, and the vehicle slows down as if you’ve applied some braking. This more powerful type of charger uses your home’s 240-volt wiring, and can add about 60 kilometres per hour to the battery at room temperature, and perhaps 40 in extreme cold. We would add, though, that the Civic Sport Touring hatchback with the manual is such a delight to drive, that we’d seriously consider saving money at the dealer and at the pump and just going with that. Even if you could spend a lot more than the 2023 Honda Civic costs, there's a very good chance you should still consider it. All reviews. Limousine. Passenger room is tight in the back seats and there's not much room in the trunk either, so the A-Class is best suited for those who rarely travel with company. Certified Dealers are contractually obligated by TrueCar to meet certain customer service requirements and complete the TrueCar Dealer Certification Program. Most will park their new Chevrolet bolt next to another car in their driveway. Find: Previous. They're so great Audi probably wishes it had come up with them first. The Bolt EUV’s battery recharge rate is capped at 55 kW during fast charging, however, limiting the speed at which the battery can suck up electricity. Based on those experiences, I’d expect usable range of about 275 kilometres at -20ºC, and about 250 on the very coldest days of the year. In the segment, its 37.4 inches of rear legroom is bettered only by the Hyundai Elantra, and is about 2 inches more than most competitors. Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. But none have the cachet that comes with owning a Mercedes-Benz. Hand to your middle school boys, especially those who connected with Kwame Alexander, sports, and running. Vehicles most likely to hit 300,000 miles, Cars most likely to have major powertrain problems, Top 10 brands with the lowest average repair cost to fix a check engine light, Top 10 brands least likely to flash a check engine light, an all-new Civic Type R does rejoin the team, 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback First Drive Review, Honda Civic Sport Touring rear three quarter, Honda Civic Sport Touring trunk no cargo cover, Honda Civic Sport Touring cargo cover in place, 2022 Honda Civic Sedan Sport rear three quarter, 2022 Honda Civic Sedan Sport high three quarter, 2022 Honda Civic Sport side three quarter, 2022 Honda Civic Sport badge and HPD spoiler, 2022 Honda Civic Sport touchscreen Apple CarPlay, 2022 Honda Civic hatchback with accessories. Background on the novel 1st in the Track series 2016 publication National Book Award Finalist for Young People's Literature Summarization of the novel itself POV: Castle Cranshaw (self proclaimed Reprinted with permission from Simon And Schuster. Most other subcompact cars have five seats. The Toyota GR Supra is a 2-seater vehicle that comes in 4 trim levels. The 2022 Chevrolet Spark is a four-door hatchback with four seats. Rear-seat passenger space is tight, but front-seat occupants will find little reason to complain. Ultimately, many shoppers should find the Bolt EUV’s combination of low-cost driving, road manners, and tech to make it a compelling package that’s easy to live with and very easy to drive. Search Kijiji Autos for a huge selection of used automatic cars in your area. SERVING ATLANTIC CANADA AND BEYOND!! Here, there’s no need to press the brake pedal for most stops. New Cars. 4 BRAND NEW TIRES INSTALLED EXTENDED WARRANTY FOR 2 YEARS WITH UNLIMITED KM FOR ENGINE, TRANSMISSION, DIFFERENTIAL, 4X4 AWD, TURBO, TOWING. In early 2023, UzAuto Motors began to accept orders for new versions of … Importantly, it’s also impressively comfortable, refined and even quiet for a compact car. WebHistoria Primera generación: (1994-2003) El Chevrolet Chevy, fue la iniciativa de General Motors, de lanzar un coche moderno, pero económico Inicialmente comenzó con 2 carrocerías, de 3 y 5 puertas, ambas de tipo Hatchback.Este coche se promocionaba con el eslogan "Buena Onda Chevy" En 1996, comenzó la producción del modelo Sedan y la … Front-wheel drive and a six-speed manual are mandatory. Get an in-depth look at what's different about the Civic Hatchback, including its cargo capacity and the six-speed manual transmission that isn't available on the Civic sedan. Coming Soon. We also know that a Civic Hybrid is coming to replace the Insight, but the timing of that was not known at the time of this writing. All reviews. Many newly introduced EVs have prices north of $40,000, so it is nice that the 2023 Mini Electric Hardtop has a base list price of less than $35,000. Note that since the Bolt EUV is slightly shorter than most crossovers, the cargo area isn’t particularly deep. A Bolt EUV like my tester makes a compelling choice for a first electric car, or a second family runabout that never needs to go to the gas station. I mean, . How is the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV’s range affected by the cold? If that number is under 200, you’d be able to handle a day’s driving without needing a charge, even on the very coldest days of the year. It's one of the least expensive new cars on the market, and its fuel economy will save you money at the gas pump. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. With the three-cylinder engine and a six-speed manual, we managed 38 mpg during our 75-mph highway fuel-economy test route. “You can't run away from who you are, but what you can do is run toward who you want to be.”. Need help? As a driver, this means you can simply put the gear shift to "Drive" and go. WebEdmunds expert reviewers rank the best sports cars of 2023 and 2024 on a 10-point scale that includes performance, comfort, interior, technology, and value. At 163 inches long, the Bolt EV is one of the smallest vehicles available in the U.S. That's a foot shorter than the. We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. It also simulates gear changes like other CVTs, but does so in a more natural way than what you'll find in a Subaru, for example. That, and, shouts from behind the counter of what he calls his, Charles, who, by the way, looks just like James Brown, if James Brown were white, has been ringing me up, for sunflower seeds five days a week for about, let me, think . News, Reviews, Photos, Videos delivered straight to your in-box. The car's biggest weakness is its limited range of safety amenities. In the smaller and lighter Bolt EV, that’s good for 417 kilometres of range in ideal conditions. WebThe Chevrolet Spark EV is a limited production 5-door hatchback battery electric vehicle produced by Chevrolet in 2013–2016. MSRPs are up across the board, but the base price goes up the highest since the old base LX trim level has been discontinued. This Bolt EV is estimated to deliver 131 MPGe in the city and 109 MPGe on the highway. Need more performance than the regular Cooper can provide? You must have JavaScript enabled to experience the new Autoblog. This keeps the price down, but skips a feature important to many shoppers in 2022. With a price lowered by almost $6,000, the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV is a more compelling buy than ever. Atheneum, 2016, 180 pages Reading Level: Middle Grades, ages 10-12 Recommended for: ages 10-15 Castle Crenshaw, better known as “Ghost,” knows he’s fast, ever since his father chased him and his mom out of their… But I know one. how he found out that was some kinda special talent. WebDescubrí los Vehículos para Comprar más buscados en Autos y Camionetas Chevrolet y Vende el tuyo ¡Encontrá tu próximo Vehículo! As for the Civic Type R, we had yet to drive that at the time of this writing, but you can read about it here. But drop the rear seats, and there's room for 12 carry-ons. Top gear, 30-50 mph: 8.5 sec Connect to a Level 3 charger while you go see a movie on Friday night, and you’ll return to a full battery. Super Cruise is not an autonomous system, and requires the driver’s full attention on the road at all times. All reviews. Pricing starts at $23,285 for the base SE with front-wheel drive. Manual (337) Tipo de combustible. You may use a different browser or device to view this in full screen. WebThe Chevrolet Aveo (/ ə ˈ v eɪ. With an impressive cargo capacity and excellent features and options as standard, the 2018 Toyota RAV4 is practically a stea... GREENWOOD AUTO SALES is a great place to buy a used vehicle where you don't have to haggle for your best price its right up front. Zero to 100 mph: 16.0 sec Sport: $25,745 EX: $27,145 Touring: $30,745 Si: $29,195, Sport: $26,545 EX-L: $28,845 Sport Touring: $31,645 Type R: TBA. Android Auto is not available. If you’ll drive your Bolt EUV in the snow, consider a quality set of winter tires to be mandatory. The most popular style is the 2LT, which starts at $30,695 and comes with an Electric engine and Front Wheel Drive. The Honda Civic Si also has a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-four, but it produces 200 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. Think of the Bolt EV as a hatchback and the Bolt EUV as a crossover, and you’re in the right ballpark. Further, the electric heat uses battery power very slowly, so remote starting or pre-conditioning the cabin is a guilt-free proposition. Volvo and BMW both offer complimentary scheduled maintenance plans that match Mini's policy. These charge points are useful ways to return range to the battery as quickly as possible if you’re on a lengthier road trip beyond the battery’s range of, say, 250 kilometres in extreme cold, or shy of 400 kilometres on a warm day. Check your in-box to get started. The Touring and Si get a completely digital, 10.2-inch instrument panel that's similar in basic appearance but provides greater functionality and flashier graphics. Originally marketed as the Daewoo Kalos, takeover of Daewoo Motors by General Motors (GM) also saw the car being marketed under seven brands (Chevrolet, Daewoo, ZAZ, Holden, Pontiac, Ravon and Suzuki) in 120 countries, with the Aveo … Presentation Mode Open Print Download Current View. . Noise levels are managed nicely around the highway speed limit, the ride is gentle, steering is light and easygoing, and even the brake-pedal feel is better than I typically expect from an all-electric. I also enjoyed the highway driving experience. Everybody, laughing. Quite simply, an automatic car is easier to drive. Shaking their heads, while Ghost dropped his. Ghost Track Jason Reynolds PDF (127.25 KB) Download; Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. Instead, its acceleration and puckishness are on par with Mini's conventionally powered models. IT IS ALSO EQUIPPED WITH RUNNING BOARDS, LINEX BOXLINER, AC, BUCKET SEATS, STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS, POWER LOCKS, POWER WINDOWS, POWER MIRROR... LUXEWORTH GROUP WWW.LUXEWORTHGROUP.COM 2016 Tesla Model S 75D WE PAY TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR TRADE 190 MILLWAY AVE, CONCORD, ON FINANCING AVAILABLE FOR ALL CREDIT TYPES!! An automatic car is a car with an automatic transmission. Ghost wants to be the fastest sprinter on his elite middle school track team, but his past is slowing him down in this first electrifying novel of the acclaimed Track series from Coretta Scott King/John Steptoe Award–winning author Jason Reynolds. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. The 2023 Honda Civic Type R has a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four that pumps out 315 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque – 9 hp and 15 lb-ft more than previous. The most popular style is the Cooper S ALL4, which starts at $37,350 and comes with a 2.0L I4 Turbo engine and All Wheel Drive. First, with no engine to heat up, its electric heater begins pumping warm air into the cabin in just moments, even on chilly mornings. What is the 2023 Kona price? There's more than a whiff of Audi right down to the way the buttons and knobs click satisfyingly. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the 2022 Civic Sedan and Hatchback a Top Safety Pick+ after it received the best-possible performance in every single category, which is a rare feat. The Honda Civic is more affordable with a larger interior and engaging handling. Most shoppers can expect a drive that’s relaxed, refined, responsive and confidence-inspiring whether they’re parking, cruising the highway, or running round town. However, it has a tight rear seat and minimal cargo room. That's because cars with automatic transmissions are more popular and more common than cars with manual transmissions. The Rio has surprising refinement, excellent gas mileage, and wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, making the daily commute more manageable. The 2023 Civic is available in sedan and hatchback body styles, although the latter is more like an Audi A7 “Sportback” in body style than an old-school, Civic hatchback. WebVea nuestra gama completa de vehiculos en línea en If, like most Canadians, you drive 50 kilometres per day or less, that’s coming up on a week’s worth of driving in extreme cold with no need to charge. The MINI Hardtop is a 5-seater vehicle that comes in 3 trim levels. The new Civic nearly has the trunk space of a midsize sedan. Easy to shift for newbies, but oh-so-fun to play with for experts. For those who can charge at home and don't drive more than 80 or 90 miles on an average day, its limited range won't be an issue. Easy to drive and live with. That includes the $1,295 destination charge as do all prices listed here. The most popular style is the LS CVT, which starts at $15,695 and comes with a 1.4L I4 engine and Front Wheel Drive. Blind-spot warning is included on all but the Sport. Again, it’s well-rounded. With a price lowered by almost $6,000, the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV is a more compelling buy than ever. Beyond aesthetics, none of those can really match the blend of positive attributes and/or model variety offered by the 2023 Honda Civic. Hardtop models offer more practicality inside their hatchback bodies—but still not a lot given the car's small size. The Audi A3 and BMW 2 Series offer similar packages. You may even find you don’t need to step up to a midsize sedan like the Accord or a small SUV like the HR-V. That verdict carries over to the back seat as well. Read an excerpt from National Book Award Finalist Jason Reynolds's innovative new YA novel Long Way Down, which takes place over just 60 seconds on … My Thoughts . It features the inimitable Mini styling and the brand's signature spunk in a vehicle that gives drivers immunity from gasoline prices. ... under the name Chevrolet Joy, which has now been replaced by the newer M200 series and is currently sold as the Chevrolet Spark. We also have to call out the dash-width air vents, with their honeycomb openings, metallic finish and clever knob controllers (they're outlined in red in the Civic Si). Ghost by Jason Reynolds - Chapters 1 – 2 summary and analysis. The most popular style is the 3.0 Premium Automatic, which starts at $57,245 and comes with a 3.0L I6 Turbo engine and Rear Wheel Drive. ... 2023 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody. See owner reviews for Chevrolet Bolt EV. even want one rubber duck, let alone 5,631? More on the Cooper Hardtop and Convertible, Mini Reveals Fashionable 2023 Special Editions, Mini Removed Its Manual Option, Now It's Back, How to Repair, Maintain, and Care for Your Car, Your Privacy Choices: Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads, Limited warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles, Powertrain warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles, Complimentary scheduled maintenance is covered for 3 years or 36,000 miles. As a child, Ghost had to flee his apartment with his mother when his father, in a drunken rage, tried to kill them. Down! After over 1,000 kilometres of testing around the freezing mark, I’ve got a few important observations and impressions to share. Wagon. since the fourth grade, which is when Ma. As with its many predecessors, the interior features lots of little red accents, including cross stitching, air vent trim and, most notably, the front seat centers. Edit your picks to remove vehicles if you want to add different ones. Through its 11 generations, the Honda Civic has always been at its best and most competitive when it was responsive and even fun to drive. ... 2023 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody. Standard models are powered by a 134-hp turbocharged three-cylinder, but going with an S model swaps that for a spunky 189-hp turbo four, which offers much better acceleration. A few slight revisions to the drive selector and USB connector locations would make a big improvement. *** $1500 OFF IF YOU CHOSE TO FINANCE WITH US! Heat arrives almost right away, not after a few chilly minutes of driving. As a city vehicle, the Hardtop is hard to top as long as you have a convenient place to charge it. If you’ll do a lot of highway driving after dark, you’ll find this lighting system easy to find confidence in. We could wax poetically about the joy it is to drive those, but it’s probably best to dig into both deeper in our Civic Si review and our Integra review. This Hardtop is estimated to deliver 23 MPG in the city and 33 MPG on the highway. The Bolt lineup is only offered in front-wheel drive, with no AWD option currently available. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is a 5-seater vehicle that comes in 2 trim levels. When deciding the best subcompact cars, TrueCar considers factors such as comfort, amenities, price, efficiency, performance, utility, and tech features. The most popular style is the S Sedan IVT, which starts at $18,515 and comes with a 1.6L I4 engine and Front Wheel Drive. Those willing to accept the Mini Cooper SE's limited driving range will find plenty to like about this two-door hatchback. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. This means that the car automatically senses when to change gears to match the speed of the car and grade of the road. Read more about cookies here. 2023 Mazda 3 AWD Hatchback First Test: Carbon Goodies, Quicker Than Civic A great ride, competitive performance, and a premium cabin make for a compelling Mazda 3 hatchback. We doubt we’ll dislike it given its joyful predecessor. VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, front-wheel-drive, 4-passenger, 2-door convertible, PRICE AS TESTED: $34,450 (base price: $30,450), ENGINE TYPE: turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve inline-4, aluminum block and head, direct fuel injection, Displacement: 122 cu in, 1998 ccPower: 189 hp @ 5000 rpmTorque: 207 lb-ft @ 1250 rpm, DIMENSIONS:Wheelbase: 98.2 inLength: 151.9 inWidth: 68.0 in Height: 55.7 inPassenger volume: 77 cu ftCargo volume (top up/down): 8/6 cu ftCurb weight: 2978 lb, C/D TEST RESULTS: He’s been running ever since his drunk father came after him and his mother with a gun, aiming to kill, in the book, “Ghost” (Atheneum 2016), by Jason Reynolds.

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